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Mind, Body and Emotion

As an Educator, Martial Artist and Wellness Facilitator, Susan develops unique solutions for individuals and organizations.  Certified as a Self-Regulation facilitator, Susan offers dynamic learning for parents, educators, and children of all ages. 

Yoga at Home

Experience the energy of the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal , Water, using music, movement, and meditation.     

Five Element Movement Meditation

White Sands

Develop the skills and self-confidence to handle yourself in any situation.  Increase your intuition, awareness and natural defences.  Discover your Inner Warrior!

Women's Self Defence

Businesswoman on Phone

Create a safe and caring work environment: wellness processes, de-escalating, and assessment for risk factors. 

Workplace Wellness & Safety

White Grass

Offering tailored solutions to fulfill a diverse range of needs.  Let's collaborate!


Your Own

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